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Wednesday 16th December


We are going to do another page of our Nativity Storybook today. Look at yesterday's home-learning page for the story and the paper resource. In the similar way to yesterday, colour the picture and copy the yellow writing, 'The shepherds came to see baby Jesus'.



Use this online game to practise recognising numerals 0-10 and counting to 10, 


Today's letter sound is 'z'. In the documents section, go through the flashcards making sure that your child says the sound aloud with the action. If they are unsure about individual sounds, spend more time discussing this sound and tracing over the letter. 


Next look at the 'I Spy' activity sheet in the resources section. Check your child is using the correct terminology for each picture and then play 'I Spy' using the initial sounds. 


Finally, write a list of the 'z' words - make sure that you child follows this learning patter:

1. Say the word

2. Say the word again

3. Sound the word (using "sound fingers")

4. Write the word (they may need to repeat this four step process to write the word - try not to give them the letter to write!)