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Wednesday 10th June

Good Morning Year 3! I hope you are all well. I honestly did not do much yesterday, just lots of school work on my laptop! I thought I would just share a selfie today just to remind you to keep smiling!! We all have bad days (even me!) and that’s ok, we are getting through this together and you are doing brilliantly, a smile always makes the day better! We also have a lovely picture of Miss Chorley and Miss Chapman smiling after working with their Year 1 bubble in school today! :)




Mental Maths

Please spend 10 minutes on TT Rockstars.



Today you are looking at equivalent lengths using mm and cm. Remember, there are 10mm in 1cm (have a look on your rulers!), so in 100mm there would be 10cm. 


To convert from mm to cm, you divide by 10.

To convert from cm to mm, you multiply by 10. 


Equivalent means the same or equal. 


Questions 5 and 6 are the challenges today.

Video Link:



Willow Group Phonics

Have a go at this 'ous' wordsearch. Don't forget to use a dictionary (book or online version) to find the meanings of any words you don't understand! If you would like to challenge yourselves, you could make your own wordsearch! A blank copy is underneath.


Oak Group Phonics


Today we are going to remind ourselves of the spelling rules for adding suffixes: ness, less, ful and ly.

Please watch the Power point presentation and join in the activity.  First have a go at writing the word down for each one then check the spelling.  Then practice each word 3 times.

The Power point is at the bottom of the page.

Whole Class Writing Task

Please complete the first activity on page 12 of the workbook using "and" and "but". I would like 4 sentences please. Some of you may find this quite easy as we are used to doing this, so for a challenge, try and add in at least 1 powerful adjective (describing word) and 1 powerful verb (doing word) in each sentence. I have linked some PDFs for powerful verbs and adjectives below to inspire you!




Journey to the Jungle Workbook



Days of the week lesson 1 today from Mr Sage! Enjoy :)


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