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Virtual Sports Interactive timetable

Dear Parents/Carers,


I am very excited to announce that your children have an opportunity to take part in the Trust’s, or maybe even Worlds, first ever “Virtual Sports Event”. All children will have a chance to take part in 5 events and help their house group, class and school become the first Virtual Sports Event Champion!


Without the traditional Sports day and rather than miss out, the idea is that as many children as possible across the whole school can take part in a virtual sports event.

There are five exciting events which the whole school will be participating in:


Event 1 – 30 sec sprint

Event 2 – 3-minute-long distance run

Event 3 – Hop, skip and jump

Event 4 – Speed bounce

Event 5 – Target throw


Events can be done anywhere – back gardens, front rooms, etc. These events can be done by anyone of any age. I really want everybody to come together and give this is a go so we can get everyone involved.


In the section below, there is an instructional video for parents/children which explains how everything works. This should help to make it as simple as possible for you to take part. There is also an interactive timetable which has hyperlinks to all the event video explanations as well.

Virtual Sports Event - PE with Mr C - Intro video for children, parents/carers and teachers

Introduction video giving you basic information on how the event will run and how to measure yourself. Explanation of practising, scored attempts and sending...