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Useful information

Sharing information

For your convenience, there is a noticeboard by the classroom door for any new notices, copies of letters, rotas and ‘wanted’ items.

On the ‘Teal Class’ page on the school website, you will find more up-to-date information, photos and links to age-appropriate learning websites.


We use Class Dojo for day-to-day communication. 2021 cohort's link to activate accounts is:


Please remember to check your child’s book bag on a daily basis, as we will use the book bags to send items home, such as school letters, uneaten snacks, Sound Books, Homework Books, WOW Books and your child’s artwork.



Collecting your child

Children should be collected from behind the gate (next to the hall) in the front playground at lunchtimes. Once your child stays at school until the end of the day, you can join the other parents in the main playground area (by the basketball net). If the weather is poor, you are welcome to wait underneath the Reception Class outdoor play area. If you have arranged for someone else to collect your child, please let us know by writing in your child’s Home-School diary.




The children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack, such as fruit or vegetables. As part of our healthy eating policy we do not allow children to bring in sweets, chocolates or crisps for their break-time snack.

We also operate a ‘nut free’ policy at school, as we have several pupils with a nut allergy. We provide fruit to all Reception Class children, except on the first day of each new half-term when the fruit will not have been delivered.

Please could you make sure that all snacks are labelled to limit confusion at break-time!




Milk is provided free of charge to children of 4 years old. Please ensure you have registered your child for school milk so that we are notified on our weekly milk register.

You can do this via the Cool Milk website or if you need assistance, please speak to the office.

When your child is 5 years old there is a small charge for milk. If you would like them to still receive a drink of milk each day, please notify the office or arrange direct through the Cool Milk website.




As we know, dehydration can have a detrimental effect on concentration levels and health. We would invite all children to bring in a labelled plastic drinks bottle for water (not fizzy drinks please) and the children are encouraged to drink it throughout the day in the classroom. This is particularly important on Forest School days (Tuesdays) and P.E. days (Thursdays), where the children will be exerting more energy.


We also have a water fountain just outside the classroom and a water jug with drinking cups in the classroom.

Please ensure that drinks bottles are carried into school, rather than placed inside book bags as they can occasionally leak and we have soggy books/work!




We like to encourage the children to put away their own belongings, such as book bags. Similarly, children with packed lunches can put their lunch boxes on the trolley just

outside the Reception Class. Again, please make sure that your child’s lunchbox is clearly labelled with their name.


We will take a morning lunch register, so please make sure your child knows if they are having a school dinner or a packed lunch. If they are having a school dinner which requires additional choice i.e. choice of topping for their jacket potato, please inform your child so they can tell me during the lunch register.


Although every child in Reception Class is entitled to free school meals, every parent will still need to complete the online order form.



Playdoh rota

Playdoh is a brilliantly fun resource for developing children’s fine motor skills and coordination. Playdoh should be freshly make at least every fortnight and as you can imagine, it is quite time consuming for one person!

We would be immensely grateful for any creative parents who could make a batch of playdoh.



Behaviour management

I am often asked about our class behaviour management system of sanctions and rewards (the children’s main topic of conversation at home!).


We discuss appropriate behaviour during circle time and throughout the day. Each class has two main reward systems; a traffic light system (green - positive, amber - 2nd warning and red - third warning & sanction), and Class Dojo points.


To reward positive academic behaviour, the children are given a ‘Dojo’ point (see To reward positive social behaviour, the children remain on ‘green’,

which is rewarded by weekly Golden Time and an end-of-term ‘Good to be Green’ certificate.


I will discuss this in more detail at the Parents’ Information Evening. Meanwhile, please refer to the school’s Behaviour Management Policy on the school website, which details the systems in place to reward positive behaviour and sanctions for inappropriate behaviour.




The car-park can become quite congested at peak times. When your children are ready, we would encourage them to use the ‘stop and drop’ service (see main school newsletter for more information). Plus, the children get a special sticker from Ms. Rossi!



Show and Tell

Show and Tell is an opportunity for your child to share any hobbies, books, toys or exciting news with the rest of the class. To ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to do this, we have a rota system in place for the first two terms. Show and Tell will officially commence after the October half-term, when we will focus on getting to know each other better.


To do this we would like the children to create a ‘personal passport’ – a box or bag containing photographs, favourite toys, hobby items or any interests outside of school. Each child will then be given the opportunity to share this with the rest of the class. I will post a rota on the noticeboard and send a rota home later this term.


We try to discourage children from bringing in items from home if it is not their allocated day.