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Tuesday 9th June

Good Morning Year 3!


My cat was very sleepy yesterday, but she looked so cute!

Have a lovely day!



Mental Maths

Please spend 10 minutes on TT Rockstars.



Today, you are looking at equivalent lengths using metres and centimetres. 



Equivalent means equal/the same.

There are 100cm in 1m, therefore, 100cm is equivalent to 1m.

2m would be equivalent to 200cm

150cm would be equivalent to 1.5m

To get from metres to cenitmetres, MULTIPLY the number by 100. 

To get from centimentres to metres, DIVIDE the number by 100. 


Video Link:



Questions 5, 6 and 7 are the challenges today.





Willow Group Phonics

Did you notice any spelling rules yesterday with your 'ous' words? Here are a few to help you!


Another couple of rules to add: if the root word ends with an e but not a 'ge', remove the e.

If the root words ends with a y, change it to an i. 


Using the rules above, have a go at adding the 'ous' suffix to these words:









Oak Group Phonics

Today I thought you might like to have a go at this word search there are a mixture of words ending in ness, and you will see not all need to change when adding –ness as a suffix!

Look for it at the bottom of the page.


Whole Class Writing Task

We are going to start writing our very own log over the next few days now. Have a read of the log on page 3 to remind yourselves of it. You are going to be planning yours with the same structure. You are on page 11 of the booklet. You are just going to be completing the planning sheet today. In the first box, you need to write how you felt about the whole day, say that you went and explored a new jungle! In the second box, what did you put on/pack before you set off on your adventure? Then, in the next few boxes you need to think of some fun events that happened whilst you were in the jungle. Use the log on page 3 to give you some inspiration! Lastly, what happened when you got home?


Remember, this is just a plan, you don't need to write in full sentences.

I am going to put a picture of the log from page 3 and then the task on page 11 below, as well as the PDF to the booklet below that as well. Please complete either in your printed workbook or on a piece of paper.




Journey to the Jungle Workbook


Using the Morse code we learnt about yesterday, write your name using Morse code on a piece of paper. Then, get a torch, using your Morse code name you have written, show your name using the flashes from the torch. Remember, the dots are short flashes and the lines are long flashes.