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Tuesday 9th June

1. The Daily Three - Maths

Go through the homemade number flashcards.


We are going to start learning about symmetry, "it is the same on both sides". Try saying the words, "symmetry" and "symmetrical".


Have a look at the butterflies in the PowerPoint in the resources section below (ignore the date!) and discuss the symmetry. 


Cut out a large butterfly shape and use paint to create a pattern on one wing. Press together to see a symmetrical pattern. 



2. The Daily Three - Literacy / phonics

Today's digraph is 'ng'. 


1. Go through the Phase 2 and Phase 3 flashcards (in the resources on the previous page).

2. Watch 'Mr Thorne does Phonics' here.

3. Make the sound together..."ng, ng, ng". This is quite challenging and sometimes children find it easier to make the sound when saying a word such as ring, sing, song, thing. 

4. This sound is in the middle or the end of words. In your green writing books, write draw three things that end with 'ng' and write the word underneath. 



3. The Daily Three - Creative

Colour the shapes in the butterfly template in the resources section. Can you design your own butterfly with different 2D shapes? Some children can find enclosing a space with lines to make a shape, like a square, challenging so you might like to practice this skill first.