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Tuesday 8th December


Over the next two weeks, each child will make a Notivity storybook to take home. In the documents section, I have scanned the story. We are going to look at one page each day. Today is Mary and Joseph in Nazareth - discuss the following:


  • Who is the man and the lady? 
  • What is the weather like?
  • How is there house different from our houses?
  • Why do you think their heads are covered?
  • What is a carpenter?


Then, in your pack, there should be a Nativity story booklet. Colour the picture, thinking carefully about the colour of Mary's dress. The adult can write the sentence, 'An Angel told Mary her baby was God's son' and the child can copy the sentence. This is a handwriting practice activity, so please support your child with the correct letter formation, finger spaces and how to position the letters onto the lines. The children have not written with these lines before, so may find it challenging.




Returning to pattern work, try Level 1 and Level 2 of this game