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Tuesday 5th May

Good Morning everyone! It's Terrific Tuesday!!



I've always wanted chickens and this weekend      Mrs T is very busy stencilling! Doesn't it we got 3 little bantams, Mo, May and Jean!         look amazing!!

Daily Five

1. Maths

Multiply 3-digit number by 1 digit number

Remember again. Multiply the "Ones" first and look out for exchanges!



2. Literacy

Today we are going to write the fourth and fifth parts of your story.

Remember to edit yesterday's work first!

First, you are going to make sure your main character thinks about what her family and friends need.

Then, in the fifth section

★ have your main character return to the wish-granting character;

★ combine the needs of your MC’s friends or family into one wish;

★ describe the setting.

3. Outside Time

Continuing with out Hedgehog focus. Make a mud hedgehog.

Download the instructions below


4. French 

YEAR 4 brothers and sisters lesson 1

This is "YEAR 4 brothers and sisters lesson 1" by Alistair Sage on Vimeo,

5. Reading

 The Wexbridge Crier  - Predict

1.  How else do you think animals might have been used to save people in World War II?

2. What do you think happened to the pigeons after the war had ended?

3. Why do you think someone came up with the idea of using pigeons to communicate during the war?