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Tuesday 31st March

Good morning from Ms Bradshaw and Mrs Tasch!                                

No dragons today!  Look at this massive            and you'll be relieved to know Mrs T found  onion instead!! Its as big as a melon! and               her advent calendar

has hard as a bowling ball!


1. The Daily Five - Maths





Have a go at the questions. If you get stuck watch the video again and pause it on the 'have a go' parts.


Remember to mark your work and correct any errors.

2. The Daily Five - Literacy

This section should take you two days to complete.  



Continue the story about the flying ship.


Use this layout to plan your story first (if you are able to I have included a link to download this, but dont worry if you havent you can sketch the boxes. Remember this is a plan so use short sentences and pictures to help you write the story)



and remember to edit your work. Check spellings and punctuation. Remember to use paragraphs.




3. The Daily Five - Outside Time


Make a nature freeze!


4. The Daily Five - Project - French 


Monsieur Sage would like you to watch his video and learn some new phrases.

je voudrais

This is "je voudrais" by Monsieur Sage on Vimeo,

5. The Daily Five - Reading

Have you seen that David Walliams is reading one of his stories every day?