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Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning!


I was in school on Monday with the      Mrs T has made some gooseberry jelly

key worker children and have started    Did you know that although gooseberries

making our new display ready for         are green gooseberry jelly is pink!

your work!


Lesson 2 - Subtract Fractions

Watch the video and have a go at the questions in the attachments below


Remember to draw bar models to help you with this.  Cross off the fractions to show they have been taken away.

When a number is less, we are looking at the "difference" between the 2 numbers

Use your fraction wall in your home learning packs to see how many of each fraction is in a whole . e.g 4/4 = 1, 5/5 = 1, 6/6 = 1 etc  Changing whole numbers into fractions makes these questions lots easier!


Have fun with an interactive fraction wall here

or here


Read the report on the alien visit to Zargon 9 (in the file below). You can read along to it here:

Then have a go at the creative challenge:

On a separate piece of paper, design Zargon 10. What would you be able to see as you hover over it in a space ship? What special features will it have? Label the map to show what is on this planet. You can use some ideas from Zargon 9 to help you. Try to draw it in the style of this map but make it look much more like an alien planet! 


Monseuir Sage would like you to learn all about Euros and paying for your cafe order!

YEAR 4 Euros and prices

This is "YEAR 4 Euros and prices" by Alistair Sage on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.