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Tuesday 24th March

Good morning from Ms Bradshaw! 

Here are today's Daily Five:

1. The Daily Five - Maths

Lesson 2 - Tenths as decimals

Watch the video and work through the questions.  Don't forget to mark them too and correct any errors!


You may find that your decimal slider helps with this!

2. The Daily Five - Literacy


Explain how your machine works. 

Think about what each part does and describe its function.


 e.g the hose on the washing machine carries water to the washing machine  in order to wash clothes.

Remember to use some Casual Connectives…

3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

Use your piles of leaves to create some art Andy Goldsworthy style.


You can see more ideas and some of Andy's work creating art from leaves and natural materials here


ot watch this video



4. The Daily Five - Project


Think about why we can see things... What allows us to see?


Look around you. What can you see in your house, what can you see outside?

Make a list in your books


Do you think that all living things see things in the same way? Why? Why not?

Write about this in your books


This BBC video may help you!


5. The Daily Five - Reading


Listen to a book on Audible.. Free for children!