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Tuesday 21st April

1. The Daily Five - Maths

On pieces of paper, your child can write the numerals 0 - 11 . Your child can order these numbers from 0 - 10, starting at 0. Today's challenge is to order them backwards, starting at the highest number. Keep these numbers for tomorrow's activity!



2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Look at the next slides in the PowerPoint presentation (date indicated in the top right hand corner). What animals live in Africa? Remember your walk yesterday, are these the same or different? Where might be see African animals? e.g. Longleat or a zoo. 


This game on Twinkl also has animal facts and ideas.


Using the plain paper in your packs, choose your favourite African animal and draw a picture with labels. Find out more together about your child's favourite animal.

Foxes Group - write an information sentence about your animal e.g. "This is an elephant. Elephants are big animals" (you can tell your child the spelling of the animal but all other words can be written independently). 

Rabbits Group - tell the adult your sentence. Adult to write the sentence and child to copy underneath - this is a handwriting exercise. 



3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

We are going to pretend to be Africa animals! Can you stomp like an elephant? Walk tall like a giraffe? Slither like a snake? Creep like a tiger?



4. The Daily Five - Project

Take a look at some real animals at zoos and safari parks from around the world. Click here! If there are not any animals at the watering holes, have a look at San Diego Zoo web cams. 



5. The Daily Five - Reading

When reading your daily Ebook (either on Oxford Owls or Big Cat), your comprehension question today is: "Why do you think the character is feeling...?"

Resources for Tuesday 22nd April