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Tuesday 19th May

Good Morning Year 3! Maisie (my dog) and I hope you have a lovely day!


1. The Daily Five - Maths

On yesterdays work you were adding and subtracting WITHOUT having to cross over into the other columns, today you are revising adding with some crossing over. 


I have just completed the first one for you to give you an example as a reminder how to cross over. This is why we always start in the ones column. When you have an answer that goes over 10, you have to carry the tens from that number underneath the next column and add it on.


Video Link:

Worksheet link is underneath the daily five if you would like to print, here is also a picture of it.


Challenges today are questions 6, 7 and 8.



2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Episode 7 link for Carrie's War is here:


Please complete these 3 questions. You can print it (I will link it below daily 5) or you can just write the questions out in your workbook. For that last question, you just need to think about what Frederick is like as a person from what you hear from this episode. 



Oak Group: 

Today you are going to do the first poem called “Derek the Squirrel”.  Read through the poem once then read it again drawing a circle around each ‘el’ word.  Then choose five words and practice them three times. 

I would love you to learn the poem and send me a video of you saying the poem on Class Dojo.


3. The Daily Five - Project

Ask someone in your house to help you with this. I would like you to firstly choose 5 common exception words and write them on separate pieces of paper. Then ask someone in your family to go and hide them somewhere in your house or outside. Go on a hunt to then find your word. When you get to a word, tell an adult how to spell it and put the word into a sentence, then go onto the next!


4. The Daily Five - Outside Time

Complete an exercise video of your choice.

Here is a bird hunt sheet you could complete outside if you like. I have also attached it in a link under the daily 5 so you can print and read it clearer.


5. The Daily Five - Reading

Read a book of your choice and note it down into your reading log.