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Tuesday 19th May

1. The Daily Five - Maths

The children love spotting patterns in a number square. Use this interactive number square to explore patterns in numbers (you'll need Flash to make it interactive).


1. Where are the 10s numbers? What pattern do they notice? e.g. they are all in a line at the side of the number square, they all have '0', the first number goes up in ones. 


2. We had just started odd and even numbers in March. See if they can remember the odd and even number pattern.


3. Where are the "counting in 5s" numbers? (we had also only just started this, so they may be unsure).



2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Today we are introducing the differences between small village schools in Africa and their own school. Have a look at today's PowerPoint. Draw a picture of our classroom. Birds-eye view drawings are a difficult concept for this age group to grasp, so you could model the idea using your own house. Or they could just draw their favourite part of the classroom. 


Foxes Group - write a sentence about your favourite activities or resources in our classroom. Label your drawing. 


Rabbits Group - put lots of detail into your drawing, thinking carefully about shapes and colours. Then write at least five labels. 



3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

Following on from yesterday's mask masking, we are going to make mud masks. Time to get messy!





4. The Daily Five - Project

Have a look at today's PowerPoint slide of the market stall full of colourful baskets and mats. Look carefully and discuss the patterns for each design. Using a paper plate or circular piece of card. design their own mat. But! Before they start, ask them to plan out: what colours will they use? what shapes will they use? will there be straight lines or swirls?



5. The Daily Five - Reading / phonics

Play 'pass the sentence/word' to music, using the resources below. When the music stops, read the word. 

Foxes Group - read the sentence (this would secure reading in Phase 4).


Rabbits Group - read the 'oa' word (this would secure reading in Phase 3)