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Tuesday 16th June

1. Maths

Please complete the second maths lesson from this week, 'make doubles'. On the website you will find a video tutorial and under today's resources you will find the worksheet.


Let the children watch the video, then they can either complete the worksheet independently if you are able to print it off, or in discussion with an adult talking through the answers when viewing on the screen.


2. Literacy

Today, I would like the children to think about their own super minibeast or animal main character. Could they please draw a picture of what he/she will look like and then write a list of adjectives underneath to describe their main character e.g. brave, strong, kind, helpful. 


Extension activity: If you know your child loves writing - they could extend this further by writing a sentence to describe their character containing some of their adjectives e.g. super snake is super brave and super strong. 


3. Topic

Complete all of the activies found on this bbc bitesize page all about mammals - watch the video, play the game and complete the quiz! The video contains a clear explanation about what makes a mammal a mammal so please add to your bank of mammal facts started yesterdy if you wish.

Today's Resources: