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Tuesday 15th December


Today we are continuing with learning about the Christmas Story and creating our own book. In the documents section below, share the book together and discuss the following questions:

  • Which character is Mary, Joseph and Jesus?
  • Where do they live?
  • Where did they travel to have the baby? What was the name of the town?
  • Who told Mary she was going to have a baby?


If you have a printer, print the page, 'Jesus was born in a stable'. Colour the picture and using the correct letter formation (this will need adult support) copy over the yellow writing. 

If you do not have a printer, try to recreate this page on plain paper.


Keep this safe so that we can add it to your Nativity Story book in school!



We are making calendars this week and learning about the seasons. Watch this video and discuss with an adult - what are the different seasons? What happens to plants and animals in each season? You could paint or draw pictures of a tree in each season - what happens to the leaves on the tree?