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Tuesday 14th July

Good Morning Year 3! Look at this crazy snake skin that was left in my garden yesterday.. not entirely sure how I feel about it as I don’t like snakes, but it’s huge!!
We also had a BBQ on Sunday evening and roasted some marshmallows! They were delicious!


Today you are adding and subtracting capacity! Watch the video and then have a go at the worksheets. Questions 7 and 8 are your challenges today.


Video Link: "Lesson 2 Add and Subtract Capacity"



Have a go at this Common Exception Word word search. Can you choose 3 of the words to put into sentences?


3. Some of you may have received a letter in the post from your new teacher in September! You may want to use this time each day to begin to complete the transition activities set for you in your envelopes. If you have not received it yet or are planning to complete it at a different time, you can complete this 'end of year memories'. Reflect on school life before lockdown and have a go at filling this in :)