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Tuesday 12th May

Good morning on this Terrific Tuesday!


I've been checking my seedlings.          Mrs T has read the story of The Dragon of Brog

Unfortunately I forgot to label them!     for you. Such a great story!  Really made me

So I have no idea what is growing now!    chuckle! You can listen to it here.


Daily 5

1. Maths

Perimeter of rectangles


Remember 1m = 100cm

2. Literacy
 Let's read this poem

Land of the Ocean Noise

Whale’s road


Whale’s way




Smooth path of ships

Realm of lobsters



This is a type of list poem called a Kenning. The word Kenning ceoms from the Anglo-Saxons who enjoyed playing word games, a bit like riddles and it means "describe." For instance, a milk-lapper = a cat.

This poem is all about the sea. Can you think of any other kenning names for the sea? and for a cat?


Have a look at the attached sheet, read the Kennings, see if you can guess which animal they are describing.  (There is a clue sheet too if you get stuck!)

Spelling Shed 

This week's spellings are now on Spelling Shed

Ms B's group is learning Nouns become verbs with the suffix - tion

Ms T's group is learning Plurals ending in -s -ies -es

3. Keeping Fit

Have a go at Mr C's Target challenge

4. French 

Monsieur Sage would like you to watch the video all about cafe foods and drinks


YEAR 4 cafe foods and drinks

This is "YEAR 4 cafe foods and drinks" by Alistair Sage on Vimeo,

5. Reading

 As always you have a choice for reading.


You can continue reading your own books or  read the latest First News newspaper


and have a go at this crossword from First News.