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Tuesday 12th May

1. The Daily Five - Maths

Moving on with patterns - the ability to spot an error and articulate it. Today make an ABAB pattern with any object from around the home but make a mistake, "Silly mummy/daddy! What have I done wrong here? Can you fix it for me?"


If they can easily fix the ABAB pattern, try an ABCABC pattern.



2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Have a look at today's PowerPoint slides and discuss the two wedding photographs. What is the same? What is different? What would you like to wear to a wedding? Miss Packer would like to wear something magnificent to go to a Maasai Mara tribe's wedding! I would like to wear something with a pattern please! 



3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

I hope yesterday's tree climbing ended safely!


Continuing with emotional literacy and resilience, set up a bucket and ball throwing challenge - place a bucket (or washing basket) at a set distance and see if they can throw the ball into the bucket. When it becomes easy, move the bucket further away. Along the way, you can discuss how they felt frustrated as it became more challenging and they got fewer balls into the bucket. 



4. The Daily Five - Project

It's dancing, maths and African music all rolled into one today, my favourite kind of learning. Have a go at some African dancing, with this video.


 I would love to see some videos on Class Dojo! 



5. The Daily Five - Reading

Carrying on with the 'er' digraph today. Explain that 'er' is often at the end of words, more often than 'ir' and 'ur. Have a look at this list of words together and point out the double consonants (we don't need to worry the children by explaining why or the detail at this point!). 












Play Quickwrite (writing a list a quick list of words) in their green writing books: summer, dinner, runner, winner. thinner, swimmer. 

Resources for Tuesday 12th May: