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Tuesday 12th May

Good Morning Year 3! I hope you have a lovely day! Here is the only picture I took yesterday morning of my cat asleep with her paw touching my hand. Fun fact about me... this is my cat honey and I’ve had her since I was 8 years old! She was my present for when I had my appendix out and has been with me ever since! Sometimes she can be a bit grumpy towards my other cat, but she loves to follow me around the house!


1. The Daily Five - Maths

I have attached the link again today if you want to refer to the video. But today you are dividing by 4. I have attached the sheet in a document at the bottom of the daily 5. 


Remember to divide by 4 you need to use your sharing method.

E.g. 12 divided by 4 would be 12 objects SHARED into 4 groups, then you count how many is in 1 group to find your answer. 


Questions 6, 7 and 8 are the challenges today! Complete what you can! :)


2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Today is episode 2! Watch and listen to the story on the link above. Then fill in the task below. Follow the instructions at the top of the sheet. You are writing a letter home as if you were Carrie after being evacuated. What would you say? I have also linked this sheet underneath the daily 5 in a document if you would like to print, if not you can write this into your work book!


3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

Complete some exercise of your choice!

Today I would like you to make your own shadow puppets! Since you will be outside, you could use sticks to make the part you hold of your shadow puppet. Then use the sun as the light to make the shadows.


4. The Daily Five - Project

Today I would like you to look at the list of vegetables you wrote down yesterday and draw your vegetable patch that would be in your WW2 garden. Please make this look at pretty as you want with colours/paints. In this drawing you need to show what foods you are growing (you could also label these). 


5. The Daily Five - Reading

Read a book of your choice and note this down in your reading log.