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Tuesday 12th May

Hello year 2, this morning I would like you to read this poem again and learnt it off by heart so you can tell it to me on Class Dojo!!

1.The Daily Five – Maths


Mental Maths:  NUMBOTS:  Wow, Year 2 I have just checked your scores.  You are all doing so well but keep practicing.

Remember that your login is in your home learning pack or blue home school book.


White Rose Maths: 

PARENTS (please click on the link find week Summer Week 4 lesson 1)


Please note you will not find the worksheet on the website as from this week we have had to purchase them.  I have saved them for each day at the bottom of this page!

Here we go:  Today’s lesson is all about Fact Families addition and subtraction of 10’s. You are asked to draw a shape obstacle course as your first activity!

REMEMBER if you get stuck you can watch the video again to have another go!


Then complete the worksheets – Please show me your work on Class Dojo!


2. The Daily Five - Literacy


TODAY'S Phonics:  Daily Phonics:

Pine and Maple group: 

Now watch Mr Thorne Does phonics by clicking on the link:

Choose 5 more words which are different to yesterday.  Then practice them three times each.  Finally write 3 sentences.

Holly Group: 

Now write 6 sentences using two words from each of the three different spellings of ir, er, ur.

Oak Group: 

Finish practicing each word.  Then write a sentence for each one.  Be careful when you write a sentence that it shows that you understand it’s meaning. 

For example:  The children had an agreement. (doesn’t show the meaning) 


 The children had an agreement that first they would tidy up and then go and play in the park.  (shows that you know what the word means).


3.The Daily Five - Exercise and Outside Time


The next dance is: Jailhouse Rock


4. The Daily Five – Project


SCIENCE:  What are the parts of the human body?

Watch the video and complete the activity and quiz



5. The Daily Five - Reading and writing


Watch and read Traction Man:


Now have a go at completing the worksheet:  Speech bubbles and speech marks.



White Rose Maths worksheet and Traction Man Speech Bubbles and Speech Marks