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Tier 3

Wednesday 2nd December 2020



Today's letter sound is 'b'. Can you find 5 things around the house or garden that beginning with the letter 'b'? Then, use a post-it note to label each item. 


This afternoon is the class guided reading session, If you have a home-school reading book at home, read that book. We are trying hard to track words with our fingers this term. Today's comprehension question is, "What could happen next?". How many different endings can you think of? (some children really struggle with this concept!).




We are starting to learning about money this week, specifically £1.00 and £2.00 coins. If you have a money jar at home, sort the £1.00 and £2.00 coins into different piles. Count the £1.00 coins. How many do you have?

You could also play this online shops game. 


We are also thinking about the number '5' this week. Using a part-part-whole model (in the documents section) use everyday household objects to make 5 e.g. 3 sticks and 2 sticks (in the two left-hand circles) makes 5 sticks (in the right hand circle). How many different ways can you make 5?



I've also uploaded some Christmas colouring sheets, if you have a printer at home (in the documents section below).