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Thursday 9th July

Good Morning!! I hope you all have a lovely day!!



Today we are measuring capacity! Capacity is about measuring liquid, we use millilitres (ml) and litres (l). Have a watch of "Lesson 4 - Measure Capacity" and then have a go at the worksheet.


1000ml = 1l


Complete the activities below based on this image. The picture is called "The Miniature Castle".


Firstly, answer these questions:

How long has the castle been in the woods?

Who lives there?

Why is the castle so much smaller than the forest?

Why would the inhabitants choose to live here?

Is it better to be the biggest or the smallest?


Next, imagine the tiny castle was one of many in the forest. Can you draw a picture of the other buildings in the miniature town?


Have a go at the next part of the angry birds coding through this link


If you are enjoying this and want to complete some more, go onto the little arrow at the top that says "more", scroll down and the lessons you have completed will be green, the ones you haven't will be blank :)