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Thursday 9th July

And some more Show and Tell pictures

Fantastic snails!
Beautiful salt dough shells.

1.The Daily Three – Maths


Mental Maths - NUMBOTS: 

Keep going at playing Numbots and see if you can move up another level this week.  Keep going - Friday is certificate day!!


Remember to have your user name and password ready.  It is in home school pack and in the cover of your blue Home School book.




Today we are going to practice telling the time at quarter past and quarter to.  There are 4 quarters on the clock.   How many minutes in each quarter? 



               O’clock      quarter past     half past     quarter to


Week 11, Lesson 4 is:

Measure telling the time – quarter past and quarter to


Here is the link


Now Complete the worksheet.

 At the bottom of the page I have attached the worksheet.


2. The Daily Three: Victorians at the Seaside!


Today you will read all about seasides in the past.  It was a time when Queen Victoria was queen.  Not many people had holiday – IMAGINE THAT!


Please read through the story, read the answers and then you can answer them.  REMEMBER if you have forgotten the answer go back to text and find it!


At the bottom of the page I have attached the worksheet.


3.  The Daily Three:  Drawing a Victorian Seaside Picture


At the bottom of the page I have attached some pictures of Victorian Seaside Holidays.

Please draw a seaside picture during Victorian times using your reading comprehension to help you.  Then you can label the pictures and colour it in. 


Please post these on Class Dojo!