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Thursday 7th May

1. The Daily Five - Maths

There's lots of unusual fruits in Africa, have a look at today's PowerPoint to see. We would usually taste some of these fruits but instead, we are going to make a fruit salad! Make a fruit salad together - we would teach the children to use proper cutting knives rather than table knives, as this is usually safer with supervision. 


Next the children can buy their fruit salad - it is 10p per tablespoon! 

Foxes Group - know how to count in 10s to 100, so they could use 10p or make the amount with different coins.


Rabbits Group - make the amount with pennies. 



2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Make your own safari tickets - include a price label. Your child may need help writing and placing the '£' and 'p' symbol in the correct place. 



3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

Go for a walk or bike ride - stopping at approximately one mile, two mile, three mile (whatever your child can manage!). It is 7,765 miles from Weare Academy to Cape Town in South Africa (there's a route map in today's PowerPoint!). Can Miss Packer walk to Africa?



4. The Daily Five - Project

On safari, we might be lucky and see lots of African animals. Make an animal mask, using the template in the resources section. 



5. The Daily Five - Reading

Use a timer (this one is quite visual for the children). Using their digraph flashcards, how quickly can they read them? Have another go and see if they can beat their score. 


Resources for Thursday 7th May: