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Thursday 4th June

Happy Thursday everyone!



All my chickens are hiding from the      Mrs T picked her first bunch of sweet peas!  Don't

rain except for one that escaped into     they smell amazing!

next door's garden. I got soaking wet

collecting her!  This indoor chicken is

much better behaved!


Calculate Quantities

REMEMBER : a unit fraction is where the numerator = 1

Using bar models again will really help you see the answer in these questions. If you find these questions tricky always start drawing a bar model.

With non-unit fractions. Work out each part, e.g. each half, each third and then add up the number of halves or thirds etc that you need.


When you are finding the missing number for improper fractions, you are looking to find out what 1 whole =   e.g. 4/4  5/5. 6/6 etc



Now it's your turn to write an advert.

First, we are going to plan it out. Each paragraph will use a different technique:

  1. Ask 3 questions
  2. Use weasel words (sneaky and boastful words)
  3. Tell your reader what to do, be bossy!
  4. Detail using the power of three.
  5. Where to find Zargon 10
  6. Catchy Slogan

Download the document and have a go at planning your advert.

R.E Hinduism


Atman and worship


Atman is another word we need to learn about that is important to Hindu people. Atman means your eternal self - this sounds tricky but it is like thinking of what you are like inside, your soul or your spirit. It is like the real you . This might include perhaps how you really think and the kind of person you really are. It is thought your spirit may live on for ever. 


Worship is a very important part of this. We are going to look at Hindu worship and try and learn some of the words linked to this.


Worship can be together in a temple, but is often at home where you worship quietly on your own. Worship is called PUJA

This is a huge temple in India. The proper name is a Mandir.


This is a Hindu Mandir in Bristol - they are often used for community centres also.

Watch this film about Charlie and Blue visiting a Hindu temple or Mandir. Blue is a little bit annoying but funny and it's very interesting. Listen out for all the special words.


Now this is a clip of two children going to visit a Mandir to pray. Also they show you how they worship at home at their own little shrine.

Visiting a Mandir (Hindu Temple) | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Hinduism



Let's think about those words we have learned from these films:

Atman - Your spirit or soul

Puja- Hindu worship 

Mandir - A temple

Brahman - The one god

Murtis - statues showing the different qualities or forms of god

Shrine- A place to quietly pray and think

Aarti - The customs done at worship like ringing bells  and singing

Prasad - sharing blessed fruit and sweets

Bindi - a dot on your forehead


 Please write these words in your book - and decorate around them using bright colours or even rangoli patterns. You can use bubble writing if you like - Then do a tiny picture by each to show the meanings. 


Next time we will look at the importance of the 5 senses for Atman.

You can do extra Rangoli patterns on the attached sheets, or even log into Purple Mash and do some there