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Thursday 4th June

1. Maths 

Please complete the forth maths lesson from this week, 'measure capacity'. On the website you will find a video tutorial and under today's resources you will find the worksheet.


Let the children watch the video, then they can either complete the worksheet independently if you are able to print it off, or in discussion with an adult talking through the answers when viewing on the screen.


2. Literacy 

Pie Corbett - Talk for writing 


At Weare we follow the talk for writing approach by Pie Corbett to support our Literacy and English teaching. This week we will be using one of the free resources to support learning at home that the talk for writing website have provided, and guess what, the story is all about a spider! Very fitting with our minibeasts focus. 


The story and the whole unit of work is available by following this link:


Today, Please read the story again (pg 3-4) and complete the forth activity which can be found on page 11 - 'Sidney's Letter'. Re write out his letter in your neatest handwriting and add in capital letters and full stops in the correct places!


3. Topic


Scientific term ‘invertebrates’ - discuss this term with your child and make sure they understand. 


Discuss habitats: A habitat is the place where animals (in this case minibeasts) like to live. Their home suits their needs. 


Go on a minibeasts hunt around your garden. Turn over logs and rocks, look in trees etc: complete sheet on minibeasts and their habitats found under 'today's resources'. 

Today's Resouces: