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Thursday 3rd December

Today is Christmas movie and pyjama day! So feel free to join in at home - we are watching The Grinch today.


The Wessex Learning Trust have also launched a competition to name a baby dragon, who is being used in promotional materials. If you can think of a name, let me know on Class Dojo and I will enter the competition on your behalf. 





Following on from yesterday's activity for £1.00 coins and £2.00 coins - make a shop using the toys in your house. Make a price label for each toy priced between £1.00 to £10.00. Then play shops, with the adult being the shopkeeper and the child being the customer, counting out the right number of £1.00 coins to purchase each toy. Then swap roles - make sure the shopkeeper checks the money! 


For an extra challenge, use £2.00 coins - we tell the children to tap each coin and count two each time. This is very challenging to begin with and works best when the coins are placed in a line.