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Thursday 30th April

It's Thrilling Thursday!!!


I escaped the computer briefly!          Mrs T has been exploring some beautiful 

and came out to sit with my pond       woods with vines and wildflowers!


Daily 5

1. Maths

Ordering Money

Remember to use the key fact to convert pence into £  or 

£ into pence


Decimal Slider

Put the numbers on your decimal slider.. sliding it 2 places to the right will mean it divides the number by 100 by making it smaller.


Slide it to the left multiplies the number by 100, making it bigger

2. Literacy

Innovating the story.

There are two ways to do this, either "hug closely to the original story" or, just "shake hands with it"

Have a look at the models and see how "hugging closely" to the story manes you have very little to change about the story, just the characters and objects

But if you just "shake hands" with it you follow the story but this time you change facts about the character that will change the story outcomes.

Have a go at planning your own story, Will you "hug it" or "shake hands with it"

Remember.. there are three wishes you have to turn into one!

3. Outside Time

Another scavenger hunt today!  This time whilst you are finding the items. rememeber what sort of thing you are hunting for.. you might find this useful towards the end of the week!


This time I want you to start building a rainbow from things you have found outside. You can spend 2 days doing this, as it's quite a big project!


Maybe if you have some double sided sticky tape you may be able to stick them down!

4. Project - Inventors

All good inventors need an inventor's tool box.  Have a look at the pdf below and have a go at creating yours!

from the book "This book thinks you are an Inventor" from the Science Museum

5. Reading

Today's focus is Explain:
Remember to answer in full sentences.

  1. Why do you think the new creation is called Infinitum?
  2. Why do you think starting some sentences with "speech" is effective?
  3. Why do you think the author tells us a bit at a time about the contraption?