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Thursday 26th March

Good morning from Miss Packer! Here are today's Daily Five:


1. The Daily Five - Maths

Repeat yesterday's activity to consolidate the learning. Foxes Group - you could add more challenge by asking your child to write the 'number sentence' e.g. 9+3=12. This will need adult guidance on how to set-out the number sentence. 



2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Ask your child to once again retell the Jack and the Beanstalk story in the 'resources' section below. That will help remind them.

Foxes Group - in your writing book, have a go writing the beginning part of Jack and the Beanstalk. This will be a challenge and will need adult support. 

Foxes Group - in your writing book, draw a picture of Jack's cow in his field, labelling the items e.g. cow, grass, fence, sun. Remember adults...the words will not be spelt correctly ('fence' would be 'fens') and some children may only know the initial letter. 



3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

Tell your child that we are going to look at 5 minutes today. Is that more or less than 1 minute? Do they think they will be able to do more or less jumps in 5 minutes? Test their ideas! Now try with hops, skips and star jumps.



4. The Daily Five - Project

We are going to revisit junk modelling today. The children can make whatever they like! But I would like them to combine materials e.g. tissue, paint, dried pasta, items from the garden. They must think of their idea before they start creating, rather than just aimlessly sticking bits together!



5. The Daily Five - Reading / phonic

Adult to write a list with their child of ten toys at home. Your child can then read the word and match the toy next to each word. 

Don't forget to read a phonic book from Oxford Owls E-Books!


Resources for Thursday 26th March