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Thursday 25th June

The Snail and the Whale

Watch the story again and listen carefully to the rhyming words!

1.The Daily Three – Maths


Mental Maths - NUMBOTS: 

You did so well last week that we are having another week of our daily Numbots challenge!  Have a go at moving up a level this week.  Remember to have your user name and password ready.  It is in home school pack and in the cover of your blue Home School book.



This week we are going to measure using Mass - Week 9, Lesson 4 is:

Compare Mass


Here is the link:


Today you will be comparing the weight of different items.  The words you will be using:  lighter than, heavier than, equal, weight.

Now Complete the worksheet.

 At the bottom of the page I have attached the worksheet.


2. The Daily Three – Literacy


TODAY'S Phonics:   Weekly Spelling Test

All Groups:  Ask your parents/carers to give you a spelling test on the words you have been practising this week.

Then for the ones you haven’t quite got right practice 3 times each.  Well Done keep up your hard work!


3.  The Daily Three Writing Today:


Here are a few more pages of the book use the Whale worksheet again to sort the rhyming words into Whale bubbles:



At the bottom of the page I have attached the worksheet.

Compare Mass, Sorting rhyming words using the Whale bubble worksheet!