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Thursday 23rd April

and Good Morning Thursday!

My daughter Imogen came to join me in the garden with our 2 pigges, Peanut

and Hazel!

We have all spent many hours over the last two years creating a mosaic which 

you can see behind us.

The Daily Five

1. Maths


Remember to look at the ones column first,
then the 1/10 column,
then the 1/100 column to decide the ascending or descending order


 i.e 10 cm is a tenth of a metre

2. Literacy

Read and Understand


Go back and re read the story then have a go at the questions in the pdf below.



3. Outside Time

and here is the fourth activity for you to add to the Gross Motor Trail!

Remember to do all 4 today!!

You may have to get inventive with what you can use instead of cones!!  

If its dry socks, or jumpers might work!

4. Science

This term's topic in Science is Sound

Choose 3 places at home eg the garden, the kitchen and your bedroom.

Sit very quietly and write down all the sounds you can hear?


What words can you use to describe the sounds eg loud, squeaky
Do a mind map ( a bit like this).

Then write down anything you know about  how sounds are made.




Watch these:


Now is there anything you can add on to your mind map?

- add it on with a different colour.

5. Reading

If you didn't finish yesterday's work on inference finish this off today.


Then,  draw your own picture where people have to use inference to decide what might happen next. Try and think of some questions that may go with your picture and see if someone in your family can answer them.

Remember there is no right or wrong answer, but your picture should be clear enough so they might be able to guess the answers.