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Thursday 18th June

1. The Daily Three - Maths

We will return to part-part-whole models with different numbers next week. Today, we are going to start thinking about weight and using the appropriate vocabulary. For some children, this is very natural copied from adults but some children need to be taught explicitly. 


Go on a hunt around the house for things that are light and things that are heavy. Sort into two piles. Are all the heavy things big? Are all the light things small? This is a common misconception. Close your eyes and 'weigh' each item using your hands. Can you arrange the items in a line from heaviest to lightest? Try to encourage the use of these words e.g. "The rock is the heaviest", "The pen is the lightest". We will use comparative vocabulary tomorrow!



2. The Daily Three - Literacy / phonics

We are going to start preparing for a writing piece on a recount of a lifecycle of a butterfly. If you have a printer, print the two templates out. Cut out the pictures, stick into the right order and then write the words 'first', 'next', 'then' and 'finally'. Ultimately we want these words spelt correctly, so they can be copied from an adult. 

Scissor skills will be important to master in Year 1, so if you find your child is still struggling with neat cutting, keep practising this skill at home. Cutting up old cards or magazines is always a favourite!



3. The Daily Three - Creative

Now we are on our third draft of the butterfly, really carefully drawing the shape and outline detail of each wing on A5 paper. If your child is satisfied that their drawing is the best possible match for the real butterfly, they can add colour using pencil crayons (pencil crayons will allow them to think about shades). 

Do keep their series of drawings - I would love to use these in a display! 


 Send me a photo!