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Thursday 14th May

Good Morning Year 3! I hope you are all having a lovely week. I am really enjoying seeing all of your work on dojo! Remember, you can upload as many activities as you like in a day to your portfolio for me to see!


Look at these beautiful rainbows and flower made by Sophie and Miss Chorley with their left over salt dough! You can make absolutely anything out of salt dough! :) 


Here is me with my other cat. He likes to come and snuggle up to my neck! He we are last night whilst watching some television, although he’s so fluffy that I can barely see over him!


Have a lovely day! :)

1. The Daily Five - Maths

Above is the link if you need to refer to Summer Term Week 4 - Lesson 1. Today you are dividing by 8. Same method as before, when you are dividing you are SHARING.


e.g. 24 divided by 8. You would have 24 objects and share them equally into 8 groups. Then count how many is in 1 group to find your answer.


Questions 5, 6 and 7 are your challenges today. Complete what you can :)


2. The Daily Five - Literacy

Please listen to episode 4 today. On the sheet provided, it lists different events that happen in this episode and asks you to write down how Carrie is feeling at these points. You could write a sentence in each box or you could simply just write some adjectives to describe her feelings (there are some examples at the bottom of the sheet). Below is a picture of the sheet but I have also attached it as a document at the bottom if you would like to print.


3. The Daily Five - Outside Time

Complete an exercise video of your choice to ensure you are keeping active!

If you have any chalk at home and some pavement, chalk on a bright rainbow!


4. The Daily Five - Project

We have looked a lot at shadows this week, so what I would like you to do is get some tin foil and make a person out of it. Stick it to a piece of card and behind it draw what its shadow would look like. Some examples are below.

5. The Daily Five - Reading

Please read a book of your choice and note it down in your reading log.