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Supporting your child at home and homework links


The children will have a Sound Book to revise daily. Once they are able to blend and segment, they will be issued with a word box, which is refreshed every week. Word boxes contain a set of phonetically plausible words and 'tricky' words from the Jolly Phonics programme. Through Class Dojo, I may set maths 'learning conversations' to have at home with your child, focused on the topics of the week.



Reading books

Children are given one reading book and one 'reading for pleasure' book (selected from the school library) each week. This book is matched to their individual phonic ability. We have a range of books which complement our Jolly Phonics programme, beginning with picture books. We offer a Phonics Workshop in the Autumn Term, where we will explain more about how we teach phonics and reading in Reception Class. 



How you can support your child with phonics at home

We encourage parents to read with their child every day (or at least three times per week), alongside their Sound Book and their word box.


You might like to support your child’s learning by playing some listening and speaking games at home. Here are some ideas from the programme:


• Tap a rhythm and ask your child to copy it. Try with different volumes of sound.

• Sing nursery rhymes. Can they spot the rhyming words?

• Play the “I spy with my little eye…” game

• Go on listening walks or take opportunities to listen in different environments – what sounds can they hear?

• Accompany stories with sounds, for example, “Tom went down the slide – wheeeee!”