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Somerset Total Communication

Somerset Total Communication (STC) aims to support people's speech, language and communication needs. Most of the staff at Weare Academy have completed the level one training programme and some staff have completed level two. We are all committed to using STC in the classroom and around the school.

What is STC?

STC is a joint partnership between Somerset Partnership, Somerset County Council and partner agencies services for children, young people and adults with communication needs.

STC is based on the belief that communication is a basic right. It is a process which helps to include all children in school and enables them to be able to understand and express themselves to their maximum potential. 

It follows similar principles of other communication systems, such as Makaton and Signalong.

Examples of STC?


  • Photos
  • Symbols
  • Gestures and sign
  • Pictures
  • Objects

How will STC help my child?

STC can help all children, including those with learning difficulties, by presenting the information in lots of different ways. It can help their understanding, relationships, speaking, reading and writing. 

Research has shown that there are clear links between poor communication and mental health, bullying, reading comprehension, behavioural problems and general well being. 

How is it used in school?

Adults will use key signs to support verbal instructions and explanations. The children also learn to sign to hymns, poems, stories and songs. In the Spring term, we run an STC after-school club and these children lead signing in assemblies. We use symbols alongside printed text, so that all children can access the information.

Reception - learning the months of the year

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Reception Class using STC to support learning Jack and the Beanstalk story

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