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Children in Need Friday 13th November 2020

Sports Relief Sponsored Event Friday 13th March 2020

Friday 15th November Children in Need Day





Our Record of School Council activities for 

2018 and 2019 



October: Harvest Festival  - At our Harvest service at St Gregory’s Church we collected money for UNICEF to support the children who needed help after the tsunami in Indonesia.

November:  Children in Need – “Show your Spots”.  Suggestions for fundraising activities were collected from each year group.  The School Council then chose and voted for the most popular. These were the activities we did:  Spotty Mufti:  all children were invited to dress up in spotty mufti and give a donation for doing so.  Spotty Bandana: each class made a spotty bandana and the challenge was to cover it in 1p and 2p coins this was most successful.  Spotty cupcakes:  each class iced and decorated cupcakes.  The school council reps sold them at the end of the school day.  Spotty Challenges:  Year 4 placed spotty challenge cards around the playground with little challenges linked to wellbeing, working with a partner, helping each other etc.  It was great to see children help each other to complete the challenges.

 Friday 15th March  - Red Nose Day:  We used the slogan: “We can do things big and small to make a massive difference!”   We made a donation to dress in Red Mufti.  Year 1 and 2 baked biscuits and Reception, Year 3 and 4 decorated them as faces with red cherry noses.  The school council were very busy as they sold red noses on Friday morning and biscuits after school. We raised just on £200 in total to make a difference to those less fortunate than ourselves.


Pupil Voice:  three new teachers were employed for September and the council reps contributed with questions they would like asked to the new teachers.  Responses from individual pupils were considered by the interview panel.

GIVE Charity 28th June: Eleanor Stephens, an ex pupil, was raising funds to go to the GIVE organisation which works with communities in Tanzania, where she would spend the summer volunteering.  She held a cake sale and the council helped to make it a success.

Cross Garden Club:  each child wrote a poem or part of a poem for the Summer Flower Show.  School council reps showed Beth Kuipers around the garden where each class had done their summer planting.

Finally: We have had a great year making links with our local community and various charities.  We have had focus on promoting British Values: democracy, pupil voice, equality.  Thank you to our class representatives who have worked so hard but also become proud representatives of Weare Academy First school.

Cross Garden Club visits Weare.

Red Nose Day 2019

Working hard at raising money both for Remembrance Day and Children in Need!

Friday 16th November 2018 Children in Need Day at Weare

Welcome to our newly elected School Council for 2018 to 2019 !

Our first job has been to help organise the Harvest Collection and donations for this will be going to UNICEF to help support victims of the Indonesian Tsunami.  Thank you to everyone who donated towards this worthy cause.

Thank your from Jolaurabi School in Kenya - Educate the Kids Charity

Our Record of School Council led/co-ordinated activities during

2017 and 2018



he Harvest collection of food for Cheddar food bank was well supported.  A list of food sent out to parents and posters made and then taken to the food bank by a helpful parent.


Children in Need – Show your Spots.  Suggestions for fundraising activities were collected from each year group.  The School Council then chose and voted for the most popular.  Four activities were agreed upon. These included:  spotty mufti, cover Pudsey, making, decorating and then selling spotty biscuits (after costs £35 were raised just at the biscuit sale).  Year 4 created spotty challenge cards which children could do during play times. The councillors worked in pairs to produce Show your Spots posters and letters were sent to parents advertising the day. 

On Tuesday, 15th November , we enjoyed having Pudsey visit Weare.  He was most impressed that we had planned such a super day of fundraising on Friday 17th November.

Friday 19th January: Mufti Day to raise funds for the charity Dig Deep

At our whole school service on Friday 12th January, Sarah Appleby, an ex-pupil of Weare Academy First School, told our children all about the charity ‘Dig Deep’ which she supports.  Dig Deep works to help schools and communities in Kenya, get access to water and sanitation. They raise funds and work together to build taps and toilets to ensure that water and sanitation is in place for the future.  We held a mufti day and many of our pupils donated a £1 to support this worthy cause.


 Sports Relief fundraiser, Friday 23rd March.  The class representatives collected ideas from their classes and 5 sporty but fun activities were chosen.  This was a sponsored event and at the end of the day everyone had a completed sponsor card (designed by the school council) so they could collect the sponsorship money.  It was a day enjoyed by everyone, with an additional focus on keeping healthy through exercise.  On the day everyone dressed in Sports mufti and completed the 5 activities. 


We have had a busy year on the school council but we have also had great fun working together for our school and other communities.

Cross Garden Club judging our gardening.

Early morning selling of Red Noses!!