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Safeguarding Provision Statement


Weare Academy First School recognises that the safety and welfare of children is paramount and that we have a responsibility to protect children in all the academy's activities. We take all reasonable steps to ensure, through appropriate procedures and training, that all children, irrespective of sex, age, disability, race, religion or belief, sexual identity or social status, are protected from abuse.


We foster a culture of vigilance amongst staff, children, parents and visitors. We always listen to children and take their concerns seriously. Please do not hesitate, if you have any concerns or queries, to contact the academy immediately and you will be directed to a member of staff who will endeavour to help you.


Weare Academy First School Designated Safeguarding Leads


The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) for the whole school (including Rainbow Woods Pre-school) is Denise Mawdsley, Executive Headteacher- contact via Weare Academy First School email: and the main school office 01934 732270.

Sara Packer is the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL) for the whole school, including Rainbow Woods Pre-school,- contact contact via Weare Academy First School email: and the main school office 01934 732270. 


The DDSLs for  Rainbow Woods Pre-school, Weare Academy First School are Lana Whittaker (Pre-school Manager) and Baishali Chatterjee (Pre-school Deputy Manager) - contact via Weare Academy First School email and the main school office 01934 732270.


The Safeguarding Governor for the whole school, including Rainbow Woods Pre-school, is Mr Matt O'Connor- contact through Weare Academy First School email and the main school office 01934 732270 & MO'


We share information about concerns with agencies who need to know; and involving parents and children appropriately.


Further information can be found from the Somerset Safeguarding Children Board

For allegations against staff - Link to the LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer) for Child Protection report form:


Contact details are available on our Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy.

Staff: reporting a concern 

Staff are asked to follow this link and submit their concern, the DSL / DDSL will respond within 48hrs. 





Please can you ensure you provide as much information as possible. If appropriate please give detailed descriptions of any physical injury, including place and size of injury. Please only report facts - what you have been told or seen - using the young person's words where possible and applicable to the incident. If you have concerns outside of the school day and you feel the concern puts someone at immediate and significant risk of harm, please report to Somerset Direct 0300 123 2224 or the police 101/999 and then please also provide a report on this link, so that the School Safeguarding team is made aware.


If you have concerns  within the school day and you feel the concern puts someone at imminent and significant risk of harm, please also report verbally to the DSL (or DDSL if DSL not available) as soon as possible and they will ensure a call is made to Somerset Direct 0300 123 2224 or the police 101/999.


Thank you, Denise Mawdsley, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Mandatory Reporting of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)  - Procedural Information
From 21st October 2015 it is mandatory for teachers, health and social workers to report to the police if they find, or are told, that someone under 18 has undergone FGM.


Click on the link below to be re-directed to the Government training on FGM.

Somerset Direct

If you are worried about a child or young person who could be in danger please contact

  • Children's Social Care on 0300 123 2224
  • by email at
  • or the police 101 or in an emergency 999

Allegations Against Staff

Staff and Volunteers must  immediately report a concern involving a member of staff  directly to  Denise Mawdsley, Executive Headteacher or if the allegation is regarding Denise Mawdsley, you need to contact Matt O'Connor, Chair of Wedmore and Weare Local Governing Body. You can contact him via email or via the school office Wedmore 712643 or or Weare 732270 or


An Allegations Reporting Form (ARF) will need to be completed. The Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) (Anthony Goble) can be contacted via Somerset Direct on 0300 1232224.

What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding is the action that is taken to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm.
 Safeguarding means:
·         protecting children from abuse and maltreatment
·         preventing harm to children's health or development
·         ensuring children grow up with the provision of safe and effective care
·         taking action to enable all children and young people to have the best outcomes.

Safeguarding children and child protection guidance and legislation apply to all children up to the age of 18.    


What is Child Protection?

Child Protection is part of Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children.  It refers to the activity that is undertaken to protect specific children who are suffering, or are likely to suffer, significant harm.

We have a number of policies and procedures in place that contribute to our safeguarding approach, including the WLT Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy, which can be viewed in the Policies section of our website and is also included below.

Sometimes we may need to share information and work in partnership with other agencies when there are concerns about a child's welfare. We will ensure that our concerns about our pupils are discussed with his/her parents/carers first unless we have reason to believe that such a move would be contrary to the child's welfare.

Services available and useful contacts and resources