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P E with Mr C

PE with Mr C - Target challenge

A short video with a focus on the pull throw technique - work together to knock the targets in as quick time as possible - you must remember to flick your wr...

Pe with Mr C Jumping the river

A great jumping game which challenges and practises those different types of jump in a fun way! Great for different abilities! Remember to bend those knees.

PE with Mr C - Running through the Jungle - Rec - Yr 4

First video of a Fun PE activity that you can play at home. Love to hear any ideas on feedback.

PE with Mr C - Catching skills

Catching is such a crucial skill! Please practice this as much as possible. No balls no problem - we used socks!

PE with Mr C - Bean game warm-up

A short warmup game that you can do with no equipment and little space.

PE with Mr C - Washing machine warmup

A gymnastics starter video which can be used for a gymnastics lesson or a bit of fun in the home/classroom - not much space needed/no equipment

PE with MR C - Toy story themed game

A game for younger children - themed around the Toy Story Film - no equipment needed - limited space

PE with Mr C - Pirate game

Pirate game - warm up game - fun pirate game that you can play with no equipment and small space.

PE with Mr C Volcanoes and Ice creams

An outdoor/indoor game using equipment from around the home. We used bowls, saucers, cups and even egg cups! Play against each other or your adults vs childr...

PE with MrC - Heroes and Villains

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

PE with Mr C - The Pirate Ship Game - extended

No explanations just straight into the Pirate Ship Game. Perfect to put on repeat or shuffle in the PE Extended warm up playlist! Enjoy!

PE with Mr C -The Car Game

A 5 minute energiser that can be played inside or outside. Pretend to be in your car and driving around a different speeds - watch out for the speed humps!

PE with Mr C -Over and under rescue

A simple game that can be played indoors/outdoors with some string/skipping rope and two chairs. Try and complete the game in as quickest time you can!

PE with Mr C - Egg hunter

An Easter themed game with little equipment - race against time to see how many chocolate eggs you can find.

PE with Mr C -Bunnies vs Children

A fun Easter themed game with little equipment - race against each other to see who wins the prize. Chocolate hungry children or the Speedy Easter Bunny!

PE with Mr C - Active Patios

An easy way to make your garden that bit more exciting! Check out some of the Active Pavements on social media - we have created our own in our back garden. ... Just like a sensory trail but in your garden! Can you make your own?

PE with Mr C - Fish and Chips

Yes! Fish and Chips - a great reaction game which can be played on your own or against an opponent. Improve your reactions which is useful in any sport! Plus...

PE with Mr C - Messy bedrooms

Fun and tiring throwing and catching game - little equipment needed! Very active and tiring! Enjoy!