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Wizards and wonder for World Book Day 2014 - 20 March 2014

The children were captivated and inspired by our storytelling visitors, who helped us celebrate World Book Day. In the morning, our hall was transformed into a dramatic and enchanting stage where Arabella Storyteller and Thannisara Storysharer (former literacy consultants Anne Harvey and Annie Fisher) wove magical stories. 

The Reception Class, Year 1 and Year 2 children were visited by the old wizard Zokar, Dracorex the sleepy dragon and Mr Izzy Wizzy, enjoying the story, 'The Dragon Who Couldn't Get Cross'.

To complement Year 3 and Year 4s topic, 'myths and legends', they watched 'Arion and the Dolphins' followed by a dramatic drama and debate session in the afternoon.

Watching the children at lunchtime, they certainly felt inspired as they developed their own plays about dragons and mythical characters!

This very valuable and exciting day was funded by our Educational trust.