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What DO teachers do on INSET Days?! - 28 August 2014

We've been busy, busy, busy preparing for the new term and learning lots too!

To prepare for the new Computing curriculum, a representative from Lego taught us how to use our new Lego WeDo kits. Weare Academy is one of the few schools in Somerset to purchase sixteen of these kits, which will form one of the main resources for the programming element of the Computing curriculum. We have worked with Hugh Sexeys Middle Schoolto ensure the children have excellent coding skills and knowledge, ready for using the more advanced Lego Mindstorms in the future. From Reception Class to Year 4, we can't wait to get started with the children!

Who do you think was the most competitive at building?!


In addition to getting our classrooms ready, lots of meetings, reviewing the 2014 - 2015 School Development Plan and handing over our classes to the new teachers, we have also been planning for the refreshed (and new parts) of the National Curriculum

We're ready...are you?