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Science Week

The whole school enjoyed celebrating science week and innovating for the future when we finally returned to school. Each class looked at and studied a different area of science over the week. During the week we all enthusiastically watched video clips from real life scientists (some of whom were ex Weare pupils). Take a look at these photos to see what we got up too! 


Reception - spent the week practicing their scientific observation skills using magnifying glasses. They explored the outdoor area to find insects and observe them carefully. 


Year one - were meteorologists! They studied the weather and how the climate is changing. They made windsocks and used a thermometer and rain gage to collect data about the weather over the week. They even recorded their own weather summaries each day. They found out that our climate is much warmer now than it was in March 50 years ago, how this has happened and what we can do to stop it! 


Year 2 - were environmental scientists! They investigated the importance of bees. They even baked a honey cake using honey given to us by one of our scientists. They also designed and made water walls to water their plants.


Year 3 - learned all about the importance of insects for our environment! They learnt about the functions of the different parts of plants and that we need plants to attract insects. They took this opportunity to plant some plants that would attract the insects around our school. They also made bug hotels to make sure that the insects that were attracted to the plants had a habitat to go into. They also looked at how scientists are using bugs to innovate for the future, and found that they make 'Robo-bugs' for space missions and rescue missions.


Year 4 - did a problem solving project about living on a new planet, chromatography and made a lava lamp. 


A big thank you to Mrs Tash for organising such a brilliant week!