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Plugged in and ready for the new Computing Curriculum! - 10 January 2014

Thank-you and well done to the PTA, parents, children and staff for working so hard last year to raise money for our laptop project. We now have laptops for Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 classes, and new computers arriving shortly for Year 1 and Reception Class. We have also purchased Data Harvesters (data logging equipment), Beebots (programmable bees!), new ICT software - and not forgetting our iPads!

To complement Hugh Sexeys' programming curriculum and their commitment to become a Lego School, we have also purchased programmable WeDo Lego with teaching-training planned in the summer term. Our children should benefit from this partnership and we hope to provide a smooth transition in ICT skills from first school to middle school. Last year, the Year 4 children visited Hugh Sexeys Middle School to sample a programming lesson...they were so excited, Mrs Goodacre introduced Scratch immediately!

Weare Academy is one of 20 Somerset schools involved in the Wessex Computing Project. Led by Somerset County Council, 21 teachers (including Mrs Packer) will design and launch Somerset's progressive computing curriculum, share effective practise and support other schools.

This week's computing project in Mrs Packer's class:

This week we are learning about The Elves and the Shoemaker as part of our traditional tales topic. We used unifix cubes to design a two-colour or three-colour pattern, then used these colours to help us desig a shoe on special paper. Mrs Bailey and Ms. Rossi helped us to use the ColarMix app on the iPads to make our shoe design come alive!