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"Overwhelmingly positive maths feedback!"

Staff at Weare Academy were pleased to welcome colleagues from the Wessex Learning Trust this week. As part of the Wessex Learning Trust’s commitment to ensuring consistency of teaching from first school through to middle school and then secondary school, the headteachers and maths leads from each school have spent the last year touring each school, observing maths lessons and sharing best practice. 


Wednesday was our turn! As maths lead for Weare Academy, Mrs Goodacre welcomed the visiting team, who were very positive and enthusiastic about the maths teaching and learning at our school. Just some of their positive comments and notes included:


* Use of concrete apparatus especially for boys

* Capturing evidence for the learning walls

* Number of the Day

* Consistent use of resources

* Flexible groupings 

* Target cards

* Working partners

* Use of 'rapid intervention' and 'greater depth' flexible groupings


Not forgetting that on a recent visit to Hugh Sexey Middle School, a third of the children in the gifted and talented maths set were ex-Weare Academy pupils!


Furthermore, Mr Drew, the assistant head at Hugh Sexey, kindly passed on some further positive feedback this week. He praised the school for the enthusiasm clearly evident in the children's attitudes to maths and said that children 'get a really good deal' from the maths at Weare. We think so too - thank you, Mr Drew!