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'Maths in Context' goes green! - 25 October 2013

This half term, Year 4 have been introduced to a new maths model, called 'Maths in Context', during which maths skills are applied in real life contexts. Two groups of children in the class were given the task of working out costs for winter plants to go into the Belfast sinks along the path beside the hall. 

They were given a price list with unit costs, and then had to calculate the cost for 10 sinks and varying numbers of each plant type. Methods used included mulitplying by 10, grid multiplication and column addition.  

Once they had done this, the plants were supplied and the children in the class actually helped to plant them! Thank you to Lucy Halford and Andrew Le Prevost for supplying the plants, and a very big thank you to Barbara Huett, who supplied the price list, knowledge of what we needed, and then helped the children to plant the sinks.

Photos can be seen below of the work in their books and the sinks.