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Making a safer internet together

To mark this year's Safer Internet Day, the children spent the day finding out about Captain Kara and the SMART Crew's e-safety rules.  2016's theme is, 'let's create a safer internet together' with the children thinking about how they interact positively using technology at home and at school.


At the end if the day, we all gathered in the hall to share what we had learnt and what we had made in class.


Our youngest children learnt about stranger danger, tackling the misconceptions of what a 'dangerous' person looks like (not a pirate as most the children thought!) and what personal information to keep secret. 


Year 1 learnt about the SMART rules (Safe, Meeting, Accept, Reliable and Tell) and discussed other words beginning with those letters to remind them to keep safe.


Year 2 made SMART posters to display in the classroom and learnt a lively SMART rule rap!


Year 3 also made posters - with some children going the extra mile and making posters at home - and they shared lots of information about how to stay safe online.


Year 4 wowed us all with their cheerleading-style performance of the SMART rules.