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Lego Club - Updated - 27 November 2013

Lego Club got off to a creative start this term! Children from Year 3 and Year 4 have been using their imaginations to build on a theme each week. The first theme was 'fairgrounds' and there were some super creations including roller coasters and ghost trains. The second theme was the airport, and ideas took off in all directions with the children creating security areas, a foreign exchange, control tower, steps for the aircraft and even a helicopter! The third theme was 'carnival', and this week we designed buildings and features for a town centre.

In week 5 the children explored the 'Lego Digital Designer' programme. This is a free application which can be downloaded from the Lego website and used on home computers.

Week 6 was the final week so we finished with a winter/Christmas theme. The children designed and built ski slopes, Santa's motorized sled, Christmas trees, candles and snowflakes.