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Lego Club Autumn 2014 - 21 October 2014

Lego club has got off to a brick-tastic start! In Week 1 we learned how to create strong walls and corners by overlapping bricks and competing against each other to make the tallest and strongest structure. We tested this with our 'wrecking ball' (a 1kg weight) much to the excitement of the children!

In Week 2 we designed and built new homes for the Lego Movie character, Unikitty, whose home (known as Cloud Cuckoo Land) was destroyed in the movie. The children made some very elaborate and creative homes.

In Week 3 we made 'marble mazes' using bricks and boards. The children tested each other's mazes and some had used cunning dead ends and covered them to make it even more difficult. Well done, master builders!