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Kids at Kilve catching up with Bear Grylls!

     On Monday 11th May 2015, 18 Year 4 children from Weare Academy First School clambered onto a bus, ready to go on an exciting adventure at Kilve Court Residential Centre. Located near Minehead in Somerset, the centre provided the children with opportunities to climb, grass sledge, hike and solve problems.


     Zaza Ibrahim, aged 9, lost her welly in the mud on the fantasy trail, commented that “I thought I had lost it forever to mischievous and desperate Quantock squirrel, seeking acorn storage.” Later that day, 9 year old Ella Hill, managed to get dreadfully lost in the waist-high maze and embarrassingly had to be rescued by two other girls! She even lost her ruby red water bottle which had to be retrieved by the staff at the site. Ella has now been banned from any future activities in the maze. The next morning, Tom Drummond, a 9 year old swimming enthusiast, lost his balance on the slimy rocks at the beach and slipped dramatically into a vast rock pool. He sank into the mud, and just as he thought it couldn’t get worse, a massive green crab sneaked into his sleeve and viciously attacked him! Tom now regrets his decision to go to the beach, though at least the mint choc chip ice cream cheered him up.


     The children have now returned to school, exhausted but satisfied with their adventures. Some children were even surprised at themselves for their achievements. Ben Turrell, amateur go-kart-er, reported “I was amazed how I handled the grass sledge, and learned to control it so easily.” As a result, Ben is now considering going professional in go karting.