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Foraging with friends!

At Weare, we are proud of our ‘Buddy’ system, where each Year 4 child is assigned a Reception child to look after. This special friendship helps support our youngest children in their first year at school as well as developing a broad range of social skills for our Year 4 children.


In addition to the usual Buddy responsibilities, this year we have arranged a number of additional activities to help develop this relationship and extend the children’s personal, social and emotional skills. At the beginning of the academic year, each child wrote about themselves or drew a picture to give to their Buddy.  In November, the Year 4 children shared their favourite story with their Buddy on Book Day.


This week, the Buddies worked together to create an individual piece of art; leaf prints, decorative logs, bark rubbings and woven pine cones were all part of the collaborative piece of art. The artwork is currently being displayed in the playground...take a look!